What is WorkScreener®?

WorkScreener® COVID-19 services enable organisations of any size to instantly bring PCR and antibody test reports from multiple providers together in one platform. Also to evaluate dispersed staff to determine who's available to work and who's in isolation.

WorkScreener® Vision and Hearing enable fast screening using a laptop. No clinical knowledge is required to use them. All data management and reporting are fully automated.

For just a few dollars per screening, WorkScreener® is a proven and inexpensive way for Occupational Health Professionals to offer hearing and vision screening to their clients. What’s more, you do not need to invest in clinical expertise, expensive equipment or administration.


Automate all testing and administration


For anyone to set up and use - clinical knowledge not required


Over 800,000 screenings in the USA and UK


Just a few dollars per person screened

Add an Extra Income Stream from Screening!

WorkScreener® comes with pass/fail criteria adjustable to local needs in 45 languages.

Work anywhere; if there’s no internet available, synchronize your work later when you’re back online.

Automated, customized reports are available in seconds; for you, the person being screened and your client.

  • Screen for visual acuity, distance and color vision.
  • You'll receive a WorkScreener® VISION KIT. This includes occluding glasses, +2.5 reading glasses, a measuring tape, a USB remote control, a match card and a Neitz Color Chart (by Professor Neitz, University of Washington, Seattle).
  • You'll receive an AUDIOMETER that plugs into your laptop ( via USB) and is hard-wired into high-quality HEADPHONES.
  • WorkScreener® Hearing screens at default frequencies and decibels, delivered via an on-screen game.

Thomson Screening Solutions

WorkScreener® is university-designed screening software for use with adults. It’s an adaptation of SchoolScreener® which has been used for over 800,000 child screenings in the UK, USA and other countries. Both products were developed at City, University of London & by Thomson Screening Solutions Ltd.

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Alternatively, call us, we'd love to hear from you: (+44) 0203 588 0717.

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