Covid-19 Isolation Checker – A comprehensive employee management tool

As an employer, you are faced with a situation you could not have planned for. There is no certainty in anything really… whether it’s how long lockdown is going to last or the lasting impact of the pandemic on your business or organisation at a macro level or at a micro level, which of your employees are self-isolating and which of them are able to work. All you can control as an employer is managing the workflow as best you can.

Our Covid-19 isolation checker is a rapid solution for employers to check who is available (or not) and who is at risk and why. A ready to go online tool to help workforce planning, the Covid-19 questionnaire is built to identify risk factors in worker availability.

To find out how the isolation checker works and how it can help your business or organisation, download this detailed presentation outlining its key features and benefits.

To book a demo, don’t hesitate to get in touch… we’d be happy to take you through the system, step-by-step.

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