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Covid -19 Stress Checker – Minimise employee stress in the workplace

We are in the midst of an unimaginable situation. The world has been served a major shock to the system and lockdowns across the world are having an impact not only on our physical and economic well-being but on our mental well-being as well. Stress, anxiety and depression have increased, and their effects are being felt at the workplace. As employers, it is our responsibility to minimise stress and anxiety at the workplace.

Our Covid-19 Stress Checker, enables employers to quickly identify actionable options for mitigating increased sources of stress in work teams.

A ready to go online tool to help workforce management, the Covid-19 stress checker is built to identify sources and impact of stress in the workforce.

To find out how the stress checker can benefit your business or organisation, download this comprehensive presentation detailing its key features.

To find out more please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll be happy to organise a full demo so that you can see for yourself how easy and efficient it is.


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