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As an employer what should I consider in employee risk assessments now?

Track and monitor the health and availability of employees

With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down the world, the words ‘employee risk assessment’ mean something completely different from even 7-8 weeks ago.

Tips for managing employees who are self-isolating

Managing the situation and keeping your head above water

If you are a large organisation with over 250 employees, you will need a system that tracks which employees are self-isolating, for how long and when they expect to be back.

Covid -19 Stress Checker

Minimise employee stress in the workplace

Our Covid-19 Stress Checker, enables employers to quickly identify actionable options for mitigating increased sources of stress in work teams.

Covid-19 Isolation Checker

A comprehensive employee management tool​

a rapid solution for employers to check who is available (or not) and who is at risk and why. A ready to go online tool to help workforce planning.

The Workscreener Isolation Checker

The tool you need for workforce planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Our WorkScreener Isolation Checker collects targeted datapoints and data sets, to help map and assess workforce availability, supporting risk based employee availability planning

Stress Factor Checker

The Workscreener Stress Factor Checker

The tool you need to reduce stress in your workforce during COVID-19

WorkScreener Stress Factor Checker is a non-clinical tool for employers to identify actionable items reducing or mitigating increased sources of stress in work teams 

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