WorkScreener® Vision

Gold Standard Vision Screening for Health Surveillance and New Hires

WorkScreener® Vision enables non clinicians to deliver hearing screening using a laptop – with no clinical knowledge needed, and administration/reporting is fully automated

Using WorkScreener® does not require you to be online. So, screening can be delivered quickly and efficiently wherever you are. The next time there’s internet access, a single click and all data, communications and reporting (tailored to your specific requirements and branding) are all done.

WorkScreener® Vision Includes

WorkScreener® comes with pass/fail criteria that are adjustable to local needs. If the participant has insufficient English, the instructions and tests are available in 45 languages.

Depending on the policy agreed with clients, those that ‘fail’ the tests can be referred for secondary examination. Automated referral letters are supplied as standard and can be tailored for your service.

Work anywhere; if there’s no internet available, synchronize your work later when you’re back online.

Automated, customized reports are available in seconds; for you, the person being screened and your client.


WorkScreener® Vision is a great way for occupational health professionals to add value to their client operations and deliver an important additional income stream.

WorkScreener® Vision is:

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