The WorkScreener Isolation Checker: the tool you need for workforce planning during the Covid19 pandemic

Businesses managing large, diverse teams, where working from home is not an option, are faced with an ever changing landscape of workers going into and coming out of isolation over short periods of time.

Everyone’s circumstances are different and, of course, line management may be familiar with someone’s personal circumstances, but how do you build a picture from individual employee to the wider workforce ? How can you tell which region or which part of your business will run into difficulties next week or maybe even have some employees returning to work soon?

If this is a concern for your business, here is what the WorkScreener Isolation checker can do for you:

Your workers fill out a simple but very specific questionnaire online.

Questions will explore areas of their current situation (if they are in isolation, is it because of their own health? Or perhaps they are caring for someone? And what is the likelihood of their returning to work soon). If they are available, perhaps they live in a household with a high risk person e.g. a healthcare worker or live in a flat in a large block which multiplies the risk of a similar flat in a small house. There are many factors that influence this and you can see them all.

Our management dashboards and screens have been developed with risk and flag management in mind is designed for use NHS Trusts and other larger organisations to manage large volumes of health questionnaires. All the answers are instantly mapped into a risk category that you can see either on an individual level or for groups or types of risk. And when we say, map, yes, we map this, by your location or work unit.

“WorkScreener Isolation Checker collects targeted datapoints and data sets, to help map and assess workforce availability, supporting risk based employee availability planning”

We also help you manage the information and repeat the process weekly, because as  part of your contingency planning you don’t want just a snapshot, but to build up a picture and predict, pre-empt and prevent problems building up.

We cannot tell you how to best use the workforce you have. We have come across solutions like this:

  • Perhaps you can offer a pool car for a key worker that needs to use public transport,
  • or redraw team boundaries to provide cross over
  • If you have two low risk people with the same skillset, perhaps one can be re-assigned to another area, but if one or both of them are high risk, this should be avoided.

We provide reports, dashboards and then entire datastream back to you for further analysis or if you prefer our team of data experts will do the work to answer your questions.

NHS Employers provides a guide on how to act. 

It is up to you how to make the most of WorkScreener Isolation Checker, but one thing is sure, we’ll take the guesswork out of it. In this uncertain picture you’ll see the risk and you can base your decision on information and automated analysis.

If you are looking for more resources, you can also check out CIPD for up to date HR guidance.

If you’d like a free demo or a chance to talk about the Isolation Checker in more detail, please contact us

WorkScreener and its sister product SchoolScreener were developed by Thomson Screening whose software has been in use since 2013 for managing risk based questionnaires, immunisation and screening management in the NHS. This COVID-19 specific questionnaire was developed in collaboration with Dr Zoltan Varga, a Physician whose background includes senior management positions including BUPA international and Serco.


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